Friday, July 17, 2015

American Girl (Again)

I think I might be on a bit of an American Girl kick. Which hasn't happened since I was like 12. But yeah, I want like $300 worth of stuff, and not even a doll. Just. stuff, because I have a weakness for tiny food.
So, to rank the stuff, I want the desk (I have a desk lamp, and c'mon, the tiny school supplies and food is my weakness):

The Pizza Party Set (the Blokus.):

The Camp Treats set:

The Beach Blanket Set (which ends the 26, darn it all):

The Science Fair Set:

The Hot Lunch Set:

The Delicious Breakfast Set:
Image result for delicious breakfast set american girl
the Dinner set:

All of which adds up to 345. I can try to get someone to buy me one of the things and put the rest on hold I guess. the only thing that really needs to be bought now is the beach lunch set thingy that is super adorable.
Sigh. The internet is not my friend.