Monday, March 16, 2015

So, What About an Annual Thing?

I was re-reading old posts and a lot has changed since last March (and by the time I've finished this post it probably will be March). The post I was looking at in general was the Sunflower Blogger Award post. I'm going to update those facts and stuff. Here we go!
1. I (still) collect dolls! Rather obsessively. 
2. I'm turning into I am a major fangirl (of a ton of stuff you've maybe or maybe not heard of)...
3. I can sing (not really, but I like to think I'm good, until someone tells me to stop caterwauling)
4. Meiko is my favorite vocaloid, but I also really love Yohioloid, Avanna and Lily.
5. I'm a bit of a musical hypocrite. 
6. Bokuranu (I still love this but also Homestuck and PMMM and also Dangan Rompa and Attack on Titan and so many others) is a slight obsession (they're all awful but I love them so much)
7. I have a ton of bands whose music I need to listen to more of than just two or three (Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Set it Off, Within Temptation)
8. I prefer vanilla oreos to regular.
9. I adore writing- both poetry and fiction. 
10. I'm trying to improve my art by doing a crappy doodle five days a week
11. My favorite Vocaloid Song is (still) Alluring Secret~Black Vow (Enn Sing's cover), but I also really love Ham's covers of Marchen Boyfriend and Marchen Girlfriend, WAVE, and Miery's cover of I (Love). In non-vocaloid terms, I really love off-broadway aradia's b0rn t0 die, and Off-Broadway Vriska's The Spider Song, and in non-Homestuck terms, I love What The Water Gave Me by Florence and the Machine, Sticks and Stones as well as Three Wishes by the Pierces, Melanie Martinez's Dollhouse, Benny's Little Games, and Falling by The Civil Wars. So yeah. I have a lot of favorite songs. The way I judge how much I love a song is when I (almost never) skip it when it comes on. (and I can quote lyrics from almost all of those)
12. A bonus fact-I'm (still) a gigantic nerd. 

Hot or cold?
Oh my god, hot. I HATE being cold. (Still accurate.)
Fall or spring?
Um...I love both! Spring, if fall is cold. If they're both warm, fall is good too.
Vanilla or chocolate?
Apple or Android?
Both again!
Favorite flower?
Violets, roses are also pretty. Plus cherry blossoms are amazing! I don't even know what my favorite flower is. I just like taking pictures of them.
Favorite food?
Dream place to live?
New York, or maybe England or New Zealand. Australia's nice but I don't want to live there. Too many things that can kill you. 
What do you want to be when you're older?
A writer (Unbeknownst to all you blog people, I write a TON). 
What color is your hair?
My hair's blonde-ish...I think. 
Shower...finger comb...
Messy or neat?
A little of both, if you're referring to my hair style and also in general. I prefer to be neat but sometimes I gots more to do than clean! It really gets on my nerves if my room isn't clean. It starts to feel kinda suffocating. My hair is just naturally kinda messy though.

Questions For Nominees That I Will Now Answer
Manga or Comics?
Both. I read both. I think I read more comics, but would like to read more manga. 
Books or Kindle?
I like real books and read kindle out of necessity, and don't mind doing so.
Favorite TV show?
I like Sherlock, Supernatural (I just started recently though- and by recently I mean I started in like mid-December and I'm in season Four) Sliders was good until season three or four, Doctor Who, Gotham, and many more. MANY more.
Favorite Book?
Ahhh no you cannot do this to me. I love Fire and Flood, Anna Dressed in Blood, Dangerous Girls, Lee Weatherly's works in general, The 1-800-MISSING series, Welcome to the Dark House, the Blood Red Road series, etcetc.
Favorite Season?
Not really sure.
Have you dyed your hair?
No more than just streaks, but I've thought about it a little recently.
Middle Name?
It starts with an 'A'
Cats or Dogs?
Cats but I like dogs too as long as they are not too excitable.
Favorite Animal?
I like cats and owls and foxes. The end.
Cake or icing?
Favorite Subject?
English. English all the way.

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