Sunday, March 1, 2015

Art For The Two Weeks

Since we had snow days, I totally slacked on art. I still did five but it only got done on like Sunday so here's the art (that was supposed to be) from 16-20. I worked on a Jun and Machi valentines day thing for a friend of mine, then I (finally) got around to drawing Kankri's aspect tattoo (and redoing some of the others), a crappy Warren Peace doodle (I rewatched Sky High and him and Layla are so cute together and Will is a douche oh my god), an alpha kids guardians death collage thingy with the quote, "In another place, in another time, we'd be shamans. We'd be gods." (it's from the book 17 and Gone, by the way {but seriously its so true for the alpha guardians though because in the beta universe, they're all god tier and um in that universe Dave and Rose stand up to Condence and she kills them, Jade gets stabbed with The Condense's 2x3 trident, and John is killed by Jane's metoer but gaaah it's sad and Rose and Dave never even met Roxy and Dirk aaaahhh}), and then a doodle of my Humanstuck au in which Eridan and Aradia are the high school outcasts (Eridan was done but it was terrible so I erased it and I'll try to get around to finishing it sometime or another).

And now for this week. Saturday, I went over to my friends house and watched Stephen Universe, which was really cute and Amethyst was my favorite so I doodled her Monday, then I was listening to Antonia's Marionette Tuesday morning, and did an okay-ish Mikan Tsumiki with those lyrics (And if I'm CRAZY, it's cuz you made me that way/We're as close to love as we'll ever get/I wanna be your marionette [I capitalized CRAZY because a) it sounds like it should be, and b), have you met Mikan? She's a tad bit on the crazy side]), because that song pretty much fits her perfectly, then I tried to do a Maddie Hatter in like gym clothes (I didn't have a reference for her hair though so it was pretty bad), then a Frankie with a lightning-patterned dress thingy, and then I doodled an ocean scene Friday.

Anywho. I really need a new header, o maybe I'll graab some shots for that this weekend. Maybe some blue with Maddie and her Mirrorpad I made and Vandalia and maybe the Tsum-Tsum my sister got me for my birthday. We'll see. Bye!

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