Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Updates, Life in General, and 2015 Doll Goals Meme Thing

I have a big audition tomorrow, so that's been stressing me out lately. And I meant to do something with Lydia this week, but it's been busy. Maybe next week(end). But anyway, this week's art.
A Notepad from DHMIS that, with her hair up; she looks like Damara Megido (I really wanted to do a Rufioh-equse Tony, but couldn't get the hair right), another Notepad, a really terrible Sonia Nevermind (SDR2), another Notebook face, this time with her hair down, and a quick seaweed and trident themed dress for the Condescension (I'll admit, I caved. I was trying to go a week without anything Homestuck themed. But, hey, four out of five isn't bad).

So since it is now Sunday, and I wrote the rest of this post Friday, I thought I would do something with
my goal as pertaining to dolls for in 2015:

So there is a meme going around and that meme mostly pertains to BJDs, so I thought I'd write my own.
What dolls/doll brands do you want to get over the next year?
Hmmm, this is a hard one. I'd really like one or two American Girl dolls, but don't think any of my grail ones (Second Meet Dress Felicity, Lanie, Marisol) I'd be able to find cheap enough. So I'd probably end up with the dark haired blue eyed one or the brown haired brown eyed dark skinned one.
I'd also like to get a Azone Mad Hatter, and maybe catch up on Monster High (I am soo so soo behind on those, because I haven't gotten some of the dolls that came out like three years ago and I want. Also some Ever After High would be nice. I'm also considering a Makie or a LittleFee (amoung other BJDs, the LittleFeee anyway.) Also more Ellowynes. Always. And Madoka Magica figmas.
What projects are you planning this year?
I really want to at least get started on the custom Homestuck Monster High dolls, as well as beginning to sew some Ellowyne outfits (most specifically, those based on the movie A Monster in Paris.)
What other goals do you have?
Finishing Disney doll custom Alice and 80's Ariel. It's only been what, like a year and a half?
Learning to sew well enough to open an etsy store for Ellowyne clothes, featuring outfits such as Plum Velvet, Great Destiny, Afternoon Tea, and Me, I'm Hypnotized by the Moon, The Blossom of Youth and Afternoon View. All based on outfits in a Monster in Paris. I'll see if I can find reference pictures. 
What dolls would you have if you could have any dolls?
Well, a lot of Monster High, all the EAH I wanted, a tooon of Ellowynes (less vaugely, Woefully Romantic, Not All Black and White Prudence, Invisible Ink, Lonely Heart, Mistakenly Sad, Now What, and Essential Lizette- Wigged Out)
What is your grail doll?
Ashton Drake's Delilah Noir Once Bitten, Twice Shy (she comes with removable vampire fangs oh my god *sighs wistfully*)
Anyway, I have homework and chores and a superbowl party tonight, so this is all I can post for now. Next week, look for a new header, hopefully, and more art (probably Homestuck) and maybe some pictures of Lydia (finally). Bye!

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