Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Stuff

So sorry some of the font's so tiny, but this week, (during the Superbowl)I drew all the Homestuck characters with their aspect tattoos, minus Kankri, who I hadn't gotten to yet (and above, you can see Rose's stomach light tattoo, Porrim's right underneath teh shoulderblades space tattoo, Kanaya's right elbow space tattoo, Vriska's lower mid-back tattoo [like the middle of her back where her waist is], and Sollux's right ankle doom tattoo), a scarred up Meenah Piexes (that big body one was supposed to be a burn, but I have no true idea what burn scars look like apparently), an Aranea Serket to go with her, and a Battlestuck! Feferi Piexes. So yeah, that's this week's art. I'll try and get some pics of Lydia up this weekend. Anyway, gotta go. Bye!

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