Friday, January 16, 2015

Okay So Changes and Cosplay Attire

So. Let's start with the cosplay. A costume store is going out of business here and I went and bought cosplay stuff.
So I am sorry this is sideways but I have no idea how to fix it. So in the picture, you can see a blonde bob wig (Rose Lalonde cosplay [it's going to be Grimdark without the grey paint, cuz I'm lazy and don't like bright orange or white])), a shimmery dark blue eyeshadow, a dark silver eyeshadow, black lipstick (I would have gotten purple and dark blue if they'd had them), a blonde fifties style wig (Roxy Lalonde wig, for the steampunk cosplay of her I'm planning), and a long curly-ish black wig that I may use for steampunk Feferi, or Meulin (I'm not sure yet).
Here's the design I intend to use. I still have to ask the artist though. (Atucally, update, they said it was all okay to cosplay their designs!)

Jane Crocker, Jake English, Roxy Lalonde, Dirk Strider
So, about the changes. It's nothing major, I promise. I just want my art to get better, so I'm trying to do at least a crappy doodle a day. And I thought I'd make a record of it here. Every Friday. (So I only decided this after I went back to school so I only have some for the weeks of the fifth through ninth and twelfth through sixteenth. I'm not perfectly happy with all of those but like I said they were crappy doodles in class so they're not perfect.
the text says it all but can you tell I'm on a Homestuck kick

I got a little more creative with the text placing here
Anyway. Good times. I have to go eat, so I'll post later I suppose.

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