Friday, July 17, 2015

American Girl (Again)

I think I might be on a bit of an American Girl kick. Which hasn't happened since I was like 12. But yeah, I want like $300 worth of stuff, and not even a doll. Just. stuff, because I have a weakness for tiny food.
So, to rank the stuff, I want the desk (I have a desk lamp, and c'mon, the tiny school supplies and food is my weakness):

The Pizza Party Set (the Blokus.):

The Camp Treats set:

The Beach Blanket Set (which ends the 26, darn it all):

The Science Fair Set:

The Hot Lunch Set:

The Delicious Breakfast Set:
Image result for delicious breakfast set american girl
the Dinner set:

All of which adds up to 345. I can try to get someone to buy me one of the things and put the rest on hold I guess. the only thing that really needs to be bought now is the beach lunch set thingy that is super adorable.
Sigh. The internet is not my friend.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Does A Grail Doll Look Like?

A grail doll looks like a new in box, Once Bitten, Twice Shy Delilah Noir, for almost the exact same price she would've cost had I been able to get her from Ashton Drake. And that is what is coming to my house sometime next week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

So, What About an Annual Thing?

I was re-reading old posts and a lot has changed since last March (and by the time I've finished this post it probably will be March). The post I was looking at in general was the Sunflower Blogger Award post. I'm going to update those facts and stuff. Here we go!
1. I (still) collect dolls! Rather obsessively. 
2. I'm turning into I am a major fangirl (of a ton of stuff you've maybe or maybe not heard of)...
3. I can sing (not really, but I like to think I'm good, until someone tells me to stop caterwauling)
4. Meiko is my favorite vocaloid, but I also really love Yohioloid, Avanna and Lily.
5. I'm a bit of a musical hypocrite. 
6. Bokuranu (I still love this but also Homestuck and PMMM and also Dangan Rompa and Attack on Titan and so many others) is a slight obsession (they're all awful but I love them so much)
7. I have a ton of bands whose music I need to listen to more of than just two or three (Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Set it Off, Within Temptation)
8. I prefer vanilla oreos to regular.
9. I adore writing- both poetry and fiction. 
10. I'm trying to improve my art by doing a crappy doodle five days a week
11. My favorite Vocaloid Song is (still) Alluring Secret~Black Vow (Enn Sing's cover), but I also really love Ham's covers of Marchen Boyfriend and Marchen Girlfriend, WAVE, and Miery's cover of I (Love). In non-vocaloid terms, I really love off-broadway aradia's b0rn t0 die, and Off-Broadway Vriska's The Spider Song, and in non-Homestuck terms, I love What The Water Gave Me by Florence and the Machine, Sticks and Stones as well as Three Wishes by the Pierces, Melanie Martinez's Dollhouse, Benny's Little Games, and Falling by The Civil Wars. So yeah. I have a lot of favorite songs. The way I judge how much I love a song is when I (almost never) skip it when it comes on. (and I can quote lyrics from almost all of those)
12. A bonus fact-I'm (still) a gigantic nerd. 

Hot or cold?
Oh my god, hot. I HATE being cold. (Still accurate.)
Fall or spring?
Um...I love both! Spring, if fall is cold. If they're both warm, fall is good too.
Vanilla or chocolate?
Apple or Android?
Both again!
Favorite flower?
Violets, roses are also pretty. Plus cherry blossoms are amazing! I don't even know what my favorite flower is. I just like taking pictures of them.
Favorite food?
Dream place to live?
New York, or maybe England or New Zealand. Australia's nice but I don't want to live there. Too many things that can kill you. 
What do you want to be when you're older?
A writer (Unbeknownst to all you blog people, I write a TON). 
What color is your hair?
My hair's blonde-ish...I think. 
Shower...finger comb...
Messy or neat?
A little of both, if you're referring to my hair style and also in general. I prefer to be neat but sometimes I gots more to do than clean! It really gets on my nerves if my room isn't clean. It starts to feel kinda suffocating. My hair is just naturally kinda messy though.

Questions For Nominees That I Will Now Answer
Manga or Comics?
Both. I read both. I think I read more comics, but would like to read more manga. 
Books or Kindle?
I like real books and read kindle out of necessity, and don't mind doing so.
Favorite TV show?
I like Sherlock, Supernatural (I just started recently though- and by recently I mean I started in like mid-December and I'm in season Four) Sliders was good until season three or four, Doctor Who, Gotham, and many more. MANY more.
Favorite Book?
Ahhh no you cannot do this to me. I love Fire and Flood, Anna Dressed in Blood, Dangerous Girls, Lee Weatherly's works in general, The 1-800-MISSING series, Welcome to the Dark House, the Blood Red Road series, etcetc.
Favorite Season?
Not really sure.
Have you dyed your hair?
No more than just streaks, but I've thought about it a little recently.
Middle Name?
It starts with an 'A'
Cats or Dogs?
Cats but I like dogs too as long as they are not too excitable.
Favorite Animal?
I like cats and owls and foxes. The end.
Cake or icing?
Favorite Subject?
English. English all the way.


I was gong to get an Izzy doll but there was a mis-communication and someone else ended up buying her before my mom did. I did, however, order some of the Amelia Thimble End of Edition stuff because, hey, it was super-cheap, and, as long as I don't open it, I can sell it on eBay. For way more than I bought it for because it was End of Edition. Anyway. Still hoping for an Izzy or the Halloween Amelia Thimble to pop up on (affordably) Ebay soon.

Art, Lydia, Tsum-Tsums, and a New Header

The art:
So it turns out my Lydia has a thing that's messed up with her hair. Ahh!

My sister bought me some Alice in Wonderland Tsum-Tsums for my birthday, and here those are:

They are the most adorable things. Seriously. 
I did some Mirrorpads for the Ever After High kids, and since I only have Maddie, I only have Maddie holding hers. But still. 

Here's some stacked mini Harry Potter legos as well. You're welcome.

And, finally, you can see the new header above.
Here's the old one:

Friday, March 6, 2015


So I did some random birds (my friends must be rubbing off on me), discovered Ke$hastuck and doodled a Florence talksprite I like and a Ke$ha I don't, soem cute zombie-killing girls (they don't even have names they're just there), and then had snowpocalypse part two so I got Thursday and Friday off and I decided to draw on my tablet, which I did. Terezi was going to be Porrim but I thought the hair looked more like Terezi than Porrim so I drew Terezi instead, and then a ghost Aradia in a party dress (remind me to draw digitally more often).

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Art For The Two Weeks

Since we had snow days, I totally slacked on art. I still did five but it only got done on like Sunday so here's the art (that was supposed to be) from 16-20. I worked on a Jun and Machi valentines day thing for a friend of mine, then I (finally) got around to drawing Kankri's aspect tattoo (and redoing some of the others), a crappy Warren Peace doodle (I rewatched Sky High and him and Layla are so cute together and Will is a douche oh my god), an alpha kids guardians death collage thingy with the quote, "In another place, in another time, we'd be shamans. We'd be gods." (it's from the book 17 and Gone, by the way {but seriously its so true for the alpha guardians though because in the beta universe, they're all god tier and um in that universe Dave and Rose stand up to Condence and she kills them, Jade gets stabbed with The Condense's 2x3 trident, and John is killed by Jane's metoer but gaaah it's sad and Rose and Dave never even met Roxy and Dirk aaaahhh}), and then a doodle of my Humanstuck au in which Eridan and Aradia are the high school outcasts (Eridan was done but it was terrible so I erased it and I'll try to get around to finishing it sometime or another).

And now for this week. Saturday, I went over to my friends house and watched Stephen Universe, which was really cute and Amethyst was my favorite so I doodled her Monday, then I was listening to Antonia's Marionette Tuesday morning, and did an okay-ish Mikan Tsumiki with those lyrics (And if I'm CRAZY, it's cuz you made me that way/We're as close to love as we'll ever get/I wanna be your marionette [I capitalized CRAZY because a) it sounds like it should be, and b), have you met Mikan? She's a tad bit on the crazy side]), because that song pretty much fits her perfectly, then I tried to do a Maddie Hatter in like gym clothes (I didn't have a reference for her hair though so it was pretty bad), then a Frankie with a lightning-patterned dress thingy, and then I doodled an ocean scene Friday.

Anywho. I really need a new header, o maybe I'll graab some shots for that this weekend. Maybe some blue with Maddie and her Mirrorpad I made and Vandalia and maybe the Tsum-Tsum my sister got me for my birthday. We'll see. Bye!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What to Do?

I have a dilemma.
I want to buy both the Wonderland girls with my Christmas money, but I only have like 20 dollars. Kitty and Lizzie are both pretty expensive everywhere I can find them. Maudlynn Macabre is only 34 dollars at the moment, so I might buy her instead, or I might save up for a BJD or Makie. So what to do?

Monday, February 16, 2015

So, no Pictures of Lydia...

 But I did a quick shoot of my monster high dolls and Maddy (poor along ever after high gal). Here they are, anyway.

it started snowing this morning at six am 
The cubes are Rory's Story Cubes. Just an FYI