Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GOTY 2015

Okay, so really? Pink with brown hair? Really? Honestly, again?
*Sighs dramatically* I wanted Grace to be so much more than that. Depending on her collection, I might buy some of it, but as of the moment, no.
Also: Christmas news!
I got Vandala Dubloons from my sister and she's cool (except for the tabs literally in her head that I haven't been able to remove yet, grrr).
And Lydia, the new Girl for all Time doll who is absolutely stunning in her yellow dress and I adore her! There will be pics soonish (I hope).
I also got some money, and have some saved, so we'll see what I want to do with that. I"m considering a Makie or a different type of BJD, or a Delilah Noir. But probably not until like March, since my birthday isn't too far away.
Anyway, I have to go!

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