Saturday, December 6, 2014

Decided What to do With Customs (well, Sort of)

So, Homestuck dolls are my new favorite thing, and so I am going to make some.t sure which ones I l make out of the three have- I only now I want a Lagoona face mold for Feferi, so other and possibly a Gil face old for Eridan, so probably not him, and also  want a Howleen body for Nepeta, so not her. Aso not Kanaya since there is already a doll with a good body color for her, since she is a rainbow drinker (the troll version of a vampire).
Possibly a Meenah out of Draculaura despite her ancestorness because I love Meenah- she's like an awesome version of Feferi, or maybe a Terezi, since Terezi is one of my favorite trolls.
The Cleo might become a Jade- because Jade is human and also I think tanner than the other humans. She also might get a full repaint like Draculaura and become Vriska. I think they have similar personalities.
And Deuce- probably Karkat or Tavros. Maybe Equius. I dunno. Karkat is short but they don't have short dolls, so....
We'll see! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do these over Christmas break.

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