Thursday, November 13, 2014

So, Um Hey

You probably found it weird that now I'm back to rarely posting after a week of non-stop posting. This is because I still don't have the larger computer, and, on top of that, our household was recently reduced to one computer. So now I'm writing this on the one computer we do have while everyone else is away.
What've I been up to lately? My friends kept telling me to read Homestuck and finally I did and I hated it for a very looooong beginning period, and now we've finally gotten to the trolls and at least I want to keep reading now. Um...There's not much doll news over here, other than I've been planning custom figmas a lot that I'll probably never do, and let's see...I took advantage of the Target sale to buy Jane Boolittle and Cerese Hood and Raven Queen, so that'll be a post when they get in. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I wasn't dead and stuff. Since there's no news I'll go ahead and close this up. Bye!

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