Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tsubasacon Loot

Tsubasacon is an anime/gaming convention that happens every year around now where I live. Here's the loot!
A Firefly print, a Nightmare Before Christmas print, Kyouko & Sayaka buttons (Madoka Magica), Kirigiri, Celestia, & 2 Sakura buttons (one's for a friends who couldn't make it to the con) [Dangan Rompa], Nanami, Mahiro, & Peko buttons (Super Dangan Rompa 2), a badge, Hi-Chew (which is a really yummy fruit candy ), a box of Strawberry Pocky I couldn't find for this picture and two cute mini anime girls that I don't know what they're from but they're adorable and I want like eight more.
And that's how they came. But they're adorable and I need names for them. I'm thinking about making them the mascots for the blog. What do you all think?

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