Monday, October 27, 2014

My First Package of Minis Arrived Today

And I hate to say they're not quite what I expected.

The package they arrived in

Opening the bubble wrap which was inside the package
(there were some pictures of inside the package but I don't know where they went)

Mini #1

Mini #2

Mini #3

Mini #4

Dumped out on my floor when we got home

Mini #1 Opening

And I dub thee...Something with an 'm' (Madylen, perhaps, Mady for short?)

Mady it is.

Mini #3 (sorry for the nakedness, that's just how they came out of the package)

The magazine thingy that came with her? Sorry that it's blurry (I have no pics of Mini #3
put together as she kept falling apart and it was rather frustrating, so I came back to her later)

About here is where I gave up

Mini #2

Sticky paint on legs (and Mini #3 in the background)

There we go, all set up

I dub thee Amaya!

Mini #4

Very tilty/side heavy

Hmm :( the size is not quite what I expected...

and then trying to get her to stand properly,  I broke the stand (this is
NOT a fault of the distributor/manufatoror, it was entirely my own)

In any case, I dub thee Harikya (pronounced H-uh-rei-ka)

But the stand still works (sort of!)

Without the hat, it looks as though she's
blocking the sun from her eyes

But it looks kinda weird from the front

Working stand

Really blurry shot of Mady

There's a SNAKE! on her towel, that is



And in case any of you are wondering, she's has her
 skirt up like that because she has knives,
else you might have been thinking

She also has knives in her hand

There we go...sort of right. In any case,I dub thee Yui with the elf ear on
 the left can just go by Yui though

All together now

Izumi and Evaline welcoming everyone

Izumi's not impressed

Ooh, and the Wilde Imagination catalog arrived. 


So that's where those pictures went

Ookay then. logic of a computer at it's finest 

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