Sunday, October 26, 2014

Meiko Custom Figma Project

Meiko is one of (if not) my favorite Vocaloids (usually, it's Meiko, Lily, Avanna and Yohioloid battling it out, with the common ranking ending up with Meiko in first, Yohioloid, Avanna and Lily battling it out for second, third & fourth). But what bothers me is all the other Cryptonloids have figmas (even though I hate Rin and Len's faces with a fiery burning passion, at least they have figmas), and Meiko, my favorite, doesn't. And there are no plans to my knowledge of them making one for her. So I could try to make one, possibly.
Here's what Meiko's most recent box art is (and I use the most recent because her first box art was in the baby days of Vocaloid and was really, really, bad):

And here's what I would use:
Hair (not sure which would be better):
Bust (hopefully if this is possible, the bust would be removed and cut from (at least some of) the plastic clothing to be put onto a plain figma body):
Body (this would also give me a stand):
Would probably be molded from some type of clay
Facial expressions:
I'd probably use the ones that came with the figmas above, wipe them clean and using a tutorial, repaint them.
I could repaint a Luka's microphone for the big silver one, probably, and steal a hand mike from one of the billion Miku figmas.

Also, in unrelated news, one of my two packages of anime minis will (hopefully) arrive tomorrow.

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