Saturday, July 12, 2014

Okay, Hi! I Have Returned!

So, first off, my summer's been crazy-busy. Second off, since I have summer reading to finish and school (for me) is quickly approaching (we start August sixth) if you have not told me what you want for your prize, you can't get it anymore! Sorry.
Third off, Re-Ment and Oscara! Miniatures to drool over! Gaah! Here are some pictures:

Caca Food Shop

Just as said above

Same as above
And now for Re Ment!

My Cat series

Gyu Gyu Pets

Alice In Wonderland Charms

Alice in Wonderland Pastry Shop

Elementary School (I've never met one with test tubes before!)

30 Days In Style (I wonder if they actually fit dolls?)

Casual Mix (Same thing)
Dance Food Sample (These would be cool for dioramas with moment or photostories!)

Princess Tea Party (Good for a child's room)
All photos from:
I'd love to get some of these for the dollhouse! But right now I'm concentration on getting Hatter's second release! New post soon, so bye for now!

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