Saturday, April 12, 2014

Full Obitsu Speed Ahead

I found Bokurano online, and read it there. IT'S AWFUL AND WONDERFUL AND AND AND AND- ok, stopping now. And I now have a choice. Hatter releases in October. And I want teh girlie for the beach. Which is June. I dunno if she'll be here by then or if I have enough to buy her. But here watch me do some math:
$22.99- body
$12.99- head
$5.99- extra hands
$6.50- eyes
$19- wig
$8.50- sandals
$8.50- boots
totals to- $84.47. If I add a second body, wig, head, eyes, and another pair of sandals, it's $154.45. I dunno,I only gots $120. We will see. I'll update you on what we're doing. Maybe if I subract the shoes. It's $128.95. Maybe I'll get teh girlie after all!

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