Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Last Version of This Post was a Mess...

It's true, folks. The title says it all. But anyway, updates from me over here. Impending Icepocalypse....So what else is new this winter? We finally went and saw Frozen, and Oh My God is it cute! It makes this even better! But anyway, seeing Frozen has made me want an Elsa doll. I've already got an Anna doll, but I want Elsa and maybe I wanna even customize a Melted Elsa doll cuz I love the idea.
But back to what this post was originally about! BJD Obitsu dolls, and how I want one. I'm seriously lusting, guys. I've wanted a perfect "companion doll" for me for a while. Some examples are Martie over at Dolls Behaving Badly, Nina from Sunekoneko's photostream on Flicker, Miranda from Miranda Wandering, or even possibly Omi over at Acrylic Eyes. Yeah, I want a doll I've bonded to like that.  And I want her to be perfect!
But what doll has perfect articulation, nice hair, good eyes, clothing I love, and isn't too expensive? There isn't really one, buuuuuuuuut, there are 27 and under Obitsu dollies! I'm not saying they're cheap, but I am saying they're customization and not too big.
And if you get the smaller sizes, Azone clothing (which I adore) fits them and I don't have to deal with the hassle of "oh my god, bratz is too revealing and barbie's too pink and azone doesn't fit and OMG, what do I do!?"
So anyway, here is what I want for teh girlie:
Her body: 23cm, L bust (I was gonna get M but then it was the same price and the 23cm L seems about the same size as the 27cm M), soft bust, (cuz otherwise she gets no boobies)

Her head with rooted (golden brown) hair:

eye decal set 11 (i want the green ones!):

And clothes for teh girlie:

One hoodie,

One tee (grey)

One pair of shorts (green)

One skirt (red)
These are from Tasina, which sells Azone clothes for North America. These  next ones are from Hobby Search.
Wicked Style Heart Padlock Necklace (Antique Silver) (Fashion Doll)
A necklace
PNS Long-sleeved Turtleneck (Gray) (Fashion Doll)
A sweater
I can't get all these at the same time, cuz Azone clothes are expensive. But this is what I want for girlie.
Not counting clothes, it's 43.99 for girlie.
The clothes all  together cost about 114.39. Yeesh. SO girlie won't get too many clothes in the beginning, and later she'll get some more and so on and so on until I have a good wardrobe for her. I want pajama and a swimsuit too, but am not sure about boobage and Azone swimsuits and I cannot find any pajamas, but I'm looking.
There's just one problem- I have to convince my mom to let me own teh girlie...Sigh....

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