Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey, Peeps!

Soo, long story short I lost my camera again. Great news, right?
And then there was the Wilde Imagination Virtual Factory Sale and I got excited cuz I could buy my Izzy as Wendy Amelia Thimble I wanted, and some other things besides...and right when we went to check her out, they were sold out. I was really sad. It's funny how a doll can make or break your day, huh?
Then we went to A.C. Moore and I got mini cards that will hopefully fit teh girlie, when I get her...Sigh. Still don't know if I can, and even though I'm lusting after her and other Obitsus, I wanna buy the Mad Hatter first so he doesn't get sold out.
Welp, I gots to go...Today has been an up-down-happy-sad dolly coaster, and I'm not entirely sure I'm happy I took the ride.

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