Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thar Will Be Changes

Ok, so I really think I need to make some changes on the way this blog is run, because right now it is another thing I have to do, and inevitably blow off. (I don't do that with everything, just blogging). And I'd also like a blog in which I can blog about my other obssesions such as Vocaloid, writing, Alice in Wonderland, Doctor Who, Buffy and the Southern Cross webcomic (and also Madoka Magica, which my friend got me watching, but I love).  And I want to show off my drawings, which poeple have been saying are pretty good lately, so there's that (all I really did was start using refrences). So I really just want to rant and vent. Really, I don't know what I want, but you readers (if there even are any) get to decide. We can have photoshoots and photostories and quick easy updates like the smirky disney redheads one, or we can have weekly posts and really nothing else. The photostuff won't be weekly, but I can try and concentrate on that and not worry about getting Matilda's post up on Mondays and stuff like that. I will make a goal to post once a month. I can probably accomplish that. I'm not saying it will happen every month, but I will try. So here are your options: Cool photostories and shoots occansonaly with quick one photo posts, but no gaurenteed post schedule, or a weekly post without pictures and maybe photos if I get the chance. I know which one I would pick. Anywho, I am keeping this a strictly doll blog, but that is not to say my other obsessions will never roar their ugly heads.
Bye for now, and comment your descion!

1 comment:

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