Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Ellowyne is Here!

Ok, so her name is Aude, pronounced ode, and I happen to love her. The first Ellowyne I ever wanted and I have her and I love her so much. Here are pictures, if you want to see her (or if you don't).
The box I first saw (well, inside the shipping box)
Then the pretty box...


The poem
There she is!

Her prettyful face (and me blocking the light)

That's better

Painted nails! I wasn't expecting that!

Hand in bag with more paint!

Looks like she can wear earrings? Anyone know?

Hair that fell off after I removed her hairnet


A very Ellowyne-ish pose

Hands (I just realized now it looks like she's handcuffed kinda, tee hee). 

Painted nails again.

With the vest, without the jacket.

Dress box. 

Seeing Spots dress

I love this one...

I know it's blurry but I like how her face looks.

With her poem...But in the wrong clothes. 


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