Friday, November 1, 2013

Pictures! Yay, I Can Do Things!

Miss Merida relaxing on the computer keyboard (which is now glittery)... 

Merida helping with my homework

Watching her movie

I'm a Superstar Site! Thanks, Claire!

Happy Halloween (a day late)! And in case you think this is not Halloween related at all, it is, that thing Merida is sprawling herself across is a pumpkin.


Saige in her OG gear!

Me: Merida, what are you doing?
Merida: Climbing. Will you put on that song from the movie?
Me: What song? Touch the Sky?
Merida: Yes. 
Me: No. Get down now, please.
I'm not sure letting her watch the movie was a good idea...

Dolls in Progress!

Bedding in Progress!

Sushi and tea for Zora!

Found her at Goodwill, but didn't get her, as I much prefer Tonner's!

Bitsy: I'm bored!

Lookit her braid...


Sharing secrets with Pascal (who is now missing) :(

Lute/ Guitar playing


Completely exhausted. 

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