Thursday, November 14, 2013

Where I've Been

The most exciting place in the world... That's sarcasm. The hospital, for impromptu surgery. YAY! About two weeks ago now. I just haven't had time to post. All in all, I'm feeling mugh better now.

P.S. I also ordered my very first Ellowyne. Yay! (Not sarcasm)!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Merida's Photoshoot

I went on walk and brought home some leaves. Merida first compared the red leaf to her hair. 

Then she thought it would be a good idea to use it as a hat. 

Merida: Ooohhhh! Can I drink this?
Me: No. It's my drink. 
Merida: Please?
Me: No. You may not. 
Merida: Pretty please?
Me (reaching out and confiscating the drink): No.
Me (goes to drink it): Eww, Merida, there's glitter in it now.  Thanks. 
Merida: You're welcome. 

Merida: MY FLOWER!

Merida decides to hug my Reanne Griffith figure. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lately, I Haven't Been Doing Much With My Dolls...

Don't worry, I still love them and am not outgrowing them. They are still a big part of my life- the little people who share a room with me. I just haven't been doing much with them, as I have had a relapse of my illness. It's nothing major, but being sick takes up a lot of time. And it makes me completely exhausted, so I've been sleeping way more than usual. This is partly because part of my illness causes me to miss sleep- like sometimes, three or four hours a night.  So even though I haven't been going to school, which means more time, I've been sleeping or sick or feeling blaughy, which means, no time for dolls or blogging- or, coincidentally, Nanowrimo. I am way behind. But this is a doll blog, so I won't get into that here. I am just not in the mood to do anything, really.
Hopefully after illness fades, and Nanowrimo ends, I will post more.

P.S. I'm sure you've seen Isabelle by now. I like her quite a bit, as she's the closet thing to a "me" doll AG has. And, she's a dancer, which I am, so she will probably come live at my house. I hopre I real hate her collection, though, so I can buy Saige's stuff- or more dolls!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pictures! Yay, I Can Do Things!

Miss Merida relaxing on the computer keyboard (which is now glittery)... 

Merida helping with my homework

Watching her movie

I'm a Superstar Site! Thanks, Claire!

Happy Halloween (a day late)! And in case you think this is not Halloween related at all, it is, that thing Merida is sprawling herself across is a pumpkin.


Saige in her OG gear!

Me: Merida, what are you doing?
Merida: Climbing. Will you put on that song from the movie?
Me: What song? Touch the Sky?
Merida: Yes. 
Me: No. Get down now, please.
I'm not sure letting her watch the movie was a good idea...

Dolls in Progress!

Bedding in Progress!

Sushi and tea for Zora!

Found her at Goodwill, but didn't get her, as I much prefer Tonner's!

Bitsy: I'm bored!

Lookit her braid...


Sharing secrets with Pascal (who is now missing) :(

Lute/ Guitar playing


Completely exhausted. 


Ok, I am torn... Do I wait until Azone comes out with a doll I really, really, really love, or do I buy Zora, whom I like quite a bit and have ideas for a personality for, and also room ideas for... Or do I try and win Ebay auctions for ones I like... I DUNNO! HELP ME! (Leaning towards buying Zora, who is an adorable gamer girl)... Here's another picture... To refresh your memory...
Pico EX Cute Angelic sigh Lien  (Fashion Doll) Item picture2
Another dilemma... Do I buy Izzy, who is adollable, or Lillith? Here's images of both...

Lillith is so PURTYFUL!


Updates GOTY 2014:
Look on Doll Diaries for the pics, but she kind of looks a lot like me... So she will come live with me, though if not her accessories...

I now have the Our Generation Yoga Outfit, and one of the retro accessory sets...
Done now, good-bye, more posts later...