Monday, October 28, 2013

Matilda Monday #16

No Grumpy-Face. We are unsure whether Zora will come live with us, but Lillith and an Azone will join us. That is certain. She has a place for her, and Saige has been moved back onto the dresser with us, which she is happy and sad about. Happy cuz she's closer to hrr best friend, Amy, but sad as she no longer has a dresser to herself. The Blogger is iffy about getting Zora,  but I think she will, as she has a 'personality' thought out for her. She has also started her Christmas list. We'll probably nit start officially making it until after Christmas.  We'll also do a 'recap' of all doll stuff gotten in 2013, maybe on December 31. We has big plsns or the blog!!! Also, we dolls wanted to bid on Grumpy-Face, but couldn't figure out how. Anyway, I have to go,  and I know it's a sort update thisvweek, but I will have more time next week.

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