Monday, October 21, 2013

Matilda Monday #15

Saige is SO MAD! The Blogger has said she's buying an Ellowyne and possibly an Azone doll and not the rest of Saige's collection. She says she'll get it later. But Saige is VERY MAD! VERY, VERY MAD! The Blogger is going to get, she says, Lillith (Soft Sigh Ellowyne) and this Azone doll. I think her eyes are kind of weird, but, to each her own. The Azone she really wants is this one (and to prove it, she even has a name for the second one-Joy Sera). But Joy is far out of her price range if she wants an Ellowyne, (which she really, really does) so Joy will probably be a next year purchase. If she gets her at all. Which she won't. The Azone she will order first, then the Ellowyne. Possibly the Azone tonight. And she wants to call her something with a "Z"
Zera? Zora? Zeva? Zoey? Zalenze?
I'll let you know what unfolds next week, peoples!

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