Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saige Has A Roommate!!!!!!

No, not Marisol, or Lanie, or Felicity (I wish). But in any case, I present to you, Bitsy Rapunzel, who round here just goes by Bitsy. Bitsy likes painting, playing the guitar, and daydreaming. Also reading...Perhaps one day I'll find her those mini books I've got somewhere around here...I think they're just the right size...

(Her pet Pascal lives here, too). 

I triple-braided Bitsy's hair to make it more manageable. It's still longer than I would like, but for now it will do.

Her hair weighs so much she can't stand on her own, poor dear. (Maybe she can stand on her own when it's not braided, but I'm bot risking her hair. It's frazzley enough as it is. Yes, I did just make up the work frazzley. Be quiet.)

Look, she fits in Saige's hand!

An overview of darling Bitsy's room.

Bitsy here's tired, and need a nap. I tired her out.

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