Monday, September 23, 2013

Retired Dollie Ratings

So, this is a post on a bunch of retired doll lines, and my reaction when I saw them:
West Coast Kids:
OMG I WANT ONE! NOW! SO PRETTY! (Although they will be renamed, but SO PRETTY!)

Stardust Classics:
COOLEST. STORYLINES. EVER! (Even though Laurel is technically a pixie, but whateves. :P)

Magic Attic Club Dolls:
THERE ARE DOLLS? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!? (Read the books, still own two, want dollies to match bookies!)

Karito Kids
Kind of disappointed Gia wasn't from Greece, (some sources said she was), but she's adorable all the same!

BFC, Ink:
Seems to me like they have awesome articulation, though the names aren't my style (Yuko, Britt & Elsa vs. Indigo, Ingrid, & Elsa) and their hair sucks, still I want one (or two) for articulation purposes. Also, clothes are so cute!

Pretty, and love the It's My Nature Line (Can you say Ebay for Katie, Daniela, and Hayden?!?).

Little Miss Matched:
Tonner dolls? Cute, adorable Tonner dolls? Melted their way into my heart.

Madame Alexander Dear America:
Wish they'd made dolls for all the books, although Little Miss Titanic may join my collection someday.

Serously, I'm done now, off to stare at pictures of dollies that I can't have *cough cough* West Coast Kids Sienna and Azura (Sierra and Summer are their factory names, but I like mine better, doncha think?) *cough cough*

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