Monday, September 23, 2013

Matilda Monday #12

Hello, all! I have been busy (no, I haven't). I haven't had the time to post this (no, she hasn't had the time to lend me her computer weekly). So anyway... What's up in your doll cave/house/place?
Here, she keeps wanting new dolls, telling us she's going to get them, than deciding on an entirely new doll. First, 80's Ariel, and custom Alice in Wonderland. Than Little Pullip Cheshire Cat. Now Marisol, which annoys Saige, as she won't have the dresser to herself anymore, she'll have to share it with Marisol and her cat! The horror! Although, if Rascal stays up there, than the Blogger says Cooper can too, so at least Saige can have company in her cat-and-Marisol-hating glory. Saige is not happy that I am mocking her, as she has snuck over here (the bed, where I write) and says it is mean to mock people, especially when they can read it.  I say, be glad you won't be the new girl anymore, Saige. (Although, Saige, I wouldn't worry, she'll be buying something else next week).

I am going to be taken outside for a photoshoot in the leaves for the Doll Diaries September Reader Photo Contest (whew... that's a long name to say). Maybe Saturday? I don't know, but it will be nice to get out of the house for a bit!

The Blogger has also created a master list of dolls she is positively sure she wants, forever and always. She needs to update it and there are already 53 dolls on there. That is a long list! Luckily, most of them are fifty dollars or less, as they are MH or EAH or Little Pullip. Marisol, Lanie, and Felicity are the American Girls, and Amelia and Clementine are on there too. She says that she wants to get the others, too, (from A Girl For All Time) all of them (the unproduced ones), but she's only putting dolls she's seen on the list. Anyway, I have to go, as the Blogger is getting cranky because she wants brownies and we are not allowed to be on the computer by ourselves.

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