Monday, September 30, 2013

Matilda Monday #13

This week, not much has happened. The Blogger is still sick and stayed home again, which is tiring for us dolls, as we can't move about as much. Also, I am out of my original outfit and into a new one. The Blogger is not longer getting Marisol (see, I told you) but Saige has a new roommate, Bitsy. afheubxd! Hey! Saige, what are you doing? It's like she's trying to wrest me away from the-
Hi, it's Saige and I'm here to request-
What are you doing? This is Matilda Mondays, not Saige Mondays! Hey-
that I get a new roommate, stat. It's really weird to have to try not to step on-
GO AWAY! NOW HOW DO I TURN THIS OFF? Ahh, that's better. Now, as I was saying-
please move over there? There's enough room. I've seen it. She could so-
The Blogger went to Goodwill, found absolutely nothing exciting, so-
fit over there! You put your Doremi figures over there, so Bitsy could-
she went to Wal-Mart and got a fuzzy owl hat that-
fit over there, you know she could. She doesn't take up that much room, she's absolutely minuscule-
she calls her compensation hat. You know, like as in-
she and her entire wardrobe could fit there-
compensation prize? Also, The Blogger-
although that's not much, as she only has one dress-
is only entering one photocontest, and you can find it over at Silence's blog-
but do you see the point? Please-
the link is HERE-
pretty please, move Bitsy?
and not the Doll Diaries one, maybe next month. Until next time, when it will hopefully be ALL Matilda!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saige Has A Roommate!!!!!!

No, not Marisol, or Lanie, or Felicity (I wish). But in any case, I present to you, Bitsy Rapunzel, who round here just goes by Bitsy. Bitsy likes painting, playing the guitar, and daydreaming. Also reading...Perhaps one day I'll find her those mini books I've got somewhere around here...I think they're just the right size...

(Her pet Pascal lives here, too). 

I triple-braided Bitsy's hair to make it more manageable. It's still longer than I would like, but for now it will do.

Her hair weighs so much she can't stand on her own, poor dear. (Maybe she can stand on her own when it's not braided, but I'm bot risking her hair. It's frazzley enough as it is. Yes, I did just make up the work frazzley. Be quiet.)

Look, she fits in Saige's hand!

An overview of darling Bitsy's room.

Bitsy here's tired, and need a nap. I tired her out.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Any Advice?

I am entering 2 photo challenges, but how I am I to do that if I don't have my good camera? I'm really not sure. (Other than looking for it, but I've tried that).  Any advice?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Matilda Monday #12

Hello, all! I have been busy (no, I haven't). I haven't had the time to post this (no, she hasn't had the time to lend me her computer weekly). So anyway... What's up in your doll cave/house/place?
Here, she keeps wanting new dolls, telling us she's going to get them, than deciding on an entirely new doll. First, 80's Ariel, and custom Alice in Wonderland. Than Little Pullip Cheshire Cat. Now Marisol, which annoys Saige, as she won't have the dresser to herself anymore, she'll have to share it with Marisol and her cat! The horror! Although, if Rascal stays up there, than the Blogger says Cooper can too, so at least Saige can have company in her cat-and-Marisol-hating glory. Saige is not happy that I am mocking her, as she has snuck over here (the bed, where I write) and says it is mean to mock people, especially when they can read it.  I say, be glad you won't be the new girl anymore, Saige. (Although, Saige, I wouldn't worry, she'll be buying something else next week).

I am going to be taken outside for a photoshoot in the leaves for the Doll Diaries September Reader Photo Contest (whew... that's a long name to say). Maybe Saturday? I don't know, but it will be nice to get out of the house for a bit!

The Blogger has also created a master list of dolls she is positively sure she wants, forever and always. She needs to update it and there are already 53 dolls on there. That is a long list! Luckily, most of them are fifty dollars or less, as they are MH or EAH or Little Pullip. Marisol, Lanie, and Felicity are the American Girls, and Amelia and Clementine are on there too. She says that she wants to get the others, too, (from A Girl For All Time) all of them (the unproduced ones), but she's only putting dolls she's seen on the list. Anyway, I have to go, as the Blogger is getting cranky because she wants brownies and we are not allowed to be on the computer by ourselves.

Retired Dollie Ratings

So, this is a post on a bunch of retired doll lines, and my reaction when I saw them:
West Coast Kids:
OMG I WANT ONE! NOW! SO PRETTY! (Although they will be renamed, but SO PRETTY!)

Stardust Classics:
COOLEST. STORYLINES. EVER! (Even though Laurel is technically a pixie, but whateves. :P)

Magic Attic Club Dolls:
THERE ARE DOLLS? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!? (Read the books, still own two, want dollies to match bookies!)

Karito Kids
Kind of disappointed Gia wasn't from Greece, (some sources said she was), but she's adorable all the same!

BFC, Ink:
Seems to me like they have awesome articulation, though the names aren't my style (Yuko, Britt & Elsa vs. Indigo, Ingrid, & Elsa) and their hair sucks, still I want one (or two) for articulation purposes. Also, clothes are so cute!

Pretty, and love the It's My Nature Line (Can you say Ebay for Katie, Daniela, and Hayden?!?).

Little Miss Matched:
Tonner dolls? Cute, adorable Tonner dolls? Melted their way into my heart.

Madame Alexander Dear America:
Wish they'd made dolls for all the books, although Little Miss Titanic may join my collection someday.

Serously, I'm done now, off to stare at pictures of dollies that I can't have *cough cough* West Coast Kids Sienna and Azura (Sierra and Summer are their factory names, but I like mine better, doncha think?) *cough cough*

Sunday, September 22, 2013

GOTY 2014

I'm excited for her, but sad to see Saige go!
Form her code name, as per moment, Blanche, I think she'll have light blonde hair and brown or blue eyes. Depending on her name and look, since she is a dancer, I might want her, but, we'll see!


This is a Q&A post with questions I thought you might be having after my three week absence:
Q: Are you dead?
A: No.
Q: Have you gotten any new dolls?
A: I wish!
Q: Are you still sick?
A: Yes.
Q: So, what have you been doing besides blogging?
A: Cleaning my room, make up work, extracurricular stuff, using the Interwebs to NOT blog, writing, um...
Q: Why haven't you been blogging?
A: I've been sick, so I've had lots of work to make up, and extracurricular stuffs to do, and blogging is one of those things that I can kind of blow off... Sorry?
Q: Did you win the Doll Diaries giveaway?
A: Yes! Saige has been wearing the new outfit for two weeks or so, it looks great with her meet boots and we both love it, so everybody wins!
Q: Have you found your camera?
A: Sadly, no.
Q: What do your dolls have to say?
A: Matilda: She hasn't had time to let me blog in weeks! Hmp! Although she says she is looking for an Our Generation laptop for me...
Saige: It's been rearranged so I have like a half a dresser to myself! It's the one with a mirror! I love it!
No one else wanted to comment, so...
Q: Your wishlist changes so often, what do you want now?
A: At the moment, a mini Cheshire Cat Pullip, a mini Seine Pullip, a mini Aquarius Pullip, custom 12" Alice in Wonderland Disney doll, custom 12" 80's Ariel, Ellowynes...Um, I'll just stop now, before this gets too out of hand.
Q: What doll from you wishlist are you most likely to get next?
A: The mini Cheshire Cat Pullip, to go with my custom 12" Alice in Wonderland Disney doll. (I'll post on her and 80's Ariel later).
Q: Did you ever get a mini Lalaloopsy?
A: No, but I narrowed to down to two: Bea Spells A Lot and Specs Reads A Lot, or Feather Tell-A-Tale.
Q: Will there be more blogging?
A: Only time will tell.
Q: Please blog more...
A: That is not a question.
Q: Will Saige do a blog post?
A: Maybe... Lean in closer... *whispers* Yes, but I don't know when.
Q: Are you sick of the questions now?
A: Very!

To end this very, very boring post, I will post an old picture:
Never in a post, actually, but I like it!

Ok, I'm seriously done now. Bye!