Monday, August 12, 2013

So... (And Other News)

Here is what is up with me. Yes, as you may have noticed, I skipped Matilda Monday the past few weeks (Matilda is currently not speaking to me and won't pose for photos). The reason is, I forgot. School has started where I live, though, and so check back later for Matilda's update.

Also, I have photos. I have time. So why no posts, you ask. I lost my camera. I have a tutorial to make a cradle. I have my celebration of the EAH release. They are both on my camera. I think it is hiding just to spite me. (haha, no posts for you!).

I recently received $20, but I am not sure what to spend it on. C.A. Cupid or a  Dollhouse Doll? Speaking of, I think this blog had gotten away from the original focus. I wanted to make a name for myself as a dollhouse blog. Look back though 2013. How many dollhouse posts were there? None. There are NONE. Isn't that sad? For a supposed 'collector' I haven't done one post on Dollhouse Dolls in ages. So, I am going to try and focus more on the original focus, whatever that means.

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