Monday, August 5, 2013


I know it is too late for  pitures from the trip, but... I still have them. I'm being lazy. Anywho...
I want a mini Lalaloopsy. Badly. After seeing my sister's Misty Mysterious (renamed Magic Trixie, can you tell we watch MLP ;)

I want one. I have several options:

Feather Tell-A-Tale,

Pickles B.L.T.,

Pepper Pots N Pans,

Ember Flicker Flame,

Berry Jars N Jam,

Bea Spells A Lot and Specs Reads A Lot,

Spot Splatter Splash and Scribbles Splash, 

Wacky Hatter and Alice in Lalaloopsy land, 

or, Kat Jungle Roar.
Any advice on who to get?

*All the merchandise pictures are Amazon's. All the Magic Trixie pics are mine.

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