Sunday, August 18, 2013

Almost A Week: Update Post

Since I've posted. I've been busy ebay'ing DHD and a new baby (Lacey) is expected Tuesday. So excited! I've also got my eye on a few auctions. I'll let you know if I win.
Also... Some of the people with Ellowynes need to get a blog. Google ellowyne on images: I did, and OH MI GOD, SO FREAKING PRETTY!

New Mission Statement (was a separate post, but I wanted to not do that):

Remember Earlier when I said I wanted more DHD? I do. Really and truly. But I also want to blog about other things. So I have a new mission statement:
You can expect a variety of things, but first and foremost, stuff about Fisher Price Dollhouses. Also about other brands, such as AG and MH. You will see what my dolls get up to on their off days (read: every day) and also Matilda's thoughts (on Mondays, anyway), with the (occasional) craft. There are two separate post series: Matilda Monday and Our Daily Doll which will be just a photo and a sentence or two about it. 

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