Friday, July 12, 2013

Photostory: Amy Meets the New Girl

By the new girl, I don't mean Matilda. I would hope after six months, Amy would already know our lovely Tudor friend. By new girl I mean Saige!!!! The photo story starts here:

Amy went for a ride on Spirit (as per any time she is not taking care of the horse, grooming the horse, mucking out Spirit's stall, washing the horse, changing her horseshoes, looking up horse facts on the Internet, or when it's raining. And sometimes she'll go for a ride in the rain, too).

Than Spirit saw something in the grass. It was green, shiny, and moving!

Spirit bucked Amy off, and ran, panicky,  away.

"Oww," Amy said. "That hurt."

She decided to sit down and rest before looking for her lost horse.

She turned her head and saw a doll she didn't recognize leading Spirit toward her.

She walked up to Amy and held out her hand for a handshake.

Amy obliged.

"Hi, I'm Saige," the newcomer said. "And you are?"
"I'm Amy," Amy said. "Thank you for finding my horse."
"She's a lovely mare," said Saige. "May I ride her?"
"Sure!" said Amy. It took a little bit of trying to get Saige up on the horse without exposing herself, but she did it!

Saige and Spirit trotted around for a bit. Than Amy suggested that they sit on the porch and talk.

They did. They have a lot in common.

Katherine came up. She was holding a huge box.
"What's that?" Saige asked, at the same time Amy said, "We have a new girl,"
"I know," giggled Katherine. "She's been around for a few days, but you've been so busy you haven't noticed her. And, Saige, it's those cupcakes you brought. See?"

Katherine sat down and opened the box.

She distributed the cupcakes, and they had a lovely rest of the afternoon.

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