Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Monster High Characters

While I was investigating C. A. Cupid, I stumbled across a wiki devoted to MH dolls. I noticed ones I had never seen. I really perfert reading on blogs than researching, so... I was annoyed. But, then I had the bright idea to write abou it on my blog so others won't have to do the research. Here is a list of four new MH dolls:
1. Catty Noir


2. Twyla


3. Gigi Grant


4. Invisa Billy
Profile art - Invisi Billy

Mattel, Take My Money

As Kewpie83 over at Confessions of A Doll Collector's Daughter says,  Mattel, take my money. Please, you're going to get it anyways. Especially with your new line, Ever After High. I don't really feel like explaining it, so take a look here at her explanation  here.
I hope they are jointed just like MH, and also that they have pets and stuff like them. Just in case they aren't, though, I need to pick up C. A. Cupid before they take her away from MH!

Also, have you seen Clementine from the A Girl for All Time line? If not, check it out here.
One sentance. I LOVE HER. The woman who runs that company is just SO talented! I will acquire her two other dolls! (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I have Matilda, Your Tudor Girl. I want Amelia, Your Victorian Girl, and Clementine, Your 1940's Girl).

Also, blog announcement. I intend to ditch the AG dolls I want page and replace it with a page about dolls I actually plan to get in the near future.