Monday, February 18, 2013

New American Girl Stuff For Spring

Molly's Floral Pajamas

Easy Breezy Outfit
Sweet Spring Dress

Caroline's Work Dress and Calf

Pretty in Plaid Dress

Molly's Bed and Bedding

Cycling Outfit

Trail Bike

Pet Trailer

Pet Birthday Set

Salon Chair
Happy Birthday Set

My Opinion:
Molly's Floral Pajamas: What's up? Didn't Molly already have pajamas?
Easy Breezy Outfit: Very cute. Definite like!
Sweet Spring Dress: Looks like something I would wear.
Caroline's Work Dress and Calf: Calf, cute. Dress, very frilly for a work dress. Hmm...
Pretty in Plaid Dress: Nope. Just nope. Plaid's not my thing.
Molly's Bed and Bedding: Um... Very yellow. Besides, didn't Molly already have a bed?
Cycling Outfit: I like the purple. I like the yellow. I like them less together.
Trail Bike: Love it!
Pet Trailer: Matches the bike. If I were a dog, it would be insulting my ability to run alongside a bike. Useful for cats, though.
Pet Birthday Set: This is aimed at dogs. The cats all feel very left out.
Salon Chair: Too pink.
Happy Birthday Set: Adorable!

*These photos are American Girl's, and the opinions are mine. You do not have to agree with either.*

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