Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Thoughts on Saige

Here's a picture of her:
Saige Doll & Paperback Book
Here's a picture of her accessories: 

Her horse, Picasso:
 Saige's Horse

Her horse accessories: 
Saige's Parade Saddle Set

Her dog, Rembrandt:

Her parade outfit:

Her hot air balloon:

Her art set:

Her sweater outfit:

Her sparkle outfit:

My thoughts on her: I really, even though I'm not a horse person, like her. I like her hair, and her eyes, and her ring. Even though AG raised the price, I can't help but like her (for 110 dollars).

Her accessories: I like the bracelet, and the purse. Also, I think it's neat she comes with pierced ears.

Her horse, Picasso: I like the horse, really. However, I don't intend to get the horse. It's 94 dollars, and, as I've already got a horse for Amy, Spirit, then I don't see the need to spend 94 dollars for something I've already got. Unless I can find a good sale on Ebay, and she's 50 or less, I don't see this horse coming to live with me.

Her horse accessories: Now, this is something that will probably come to live with me. Spirit needs a new set of whatever you call horse gear, and as AG doesn't release it separately for the horses for MAGs, then...

Her dog, Rembrandt: Can you say aww? Because I can, and will, apparently. It says he's plush, and even though I have Cooper, he's probably coming to live here.

Her parade outfit: I like the boots, and that's it. I think that the shirt is too similar to Nicki's tie top, from Nicki's Tie Top and Shorts, and the jeans are just another pair of jeans. So this outfit isn't one of my favorites.

Her hot air balloon: Awesome, for 150 dollars. I really like the camera, thought, and wish I'd put it into two sets. Like maybe Saige's Hot Air Balloon, and Saige's Hot Air Balloon Accessories.

Her art set: Two words: Love it! I think AG gave this a lot of detail, with the sketches and the paintings and stuff. Really cute.

Her sweater outfit: Cute, looks like something I would wear. Also, the tee shirt and jeans look good for mix and matching.

Her sparkle outfit: Ehh. It's pink, and like bright salmony pink. The only thing I like is the necklace.

So, quick summery, in case you skippered all that: Saige, her accessories, her horse accessories, her dog, her art-excuse me, painting set-, and her sweater outfit will probably be coming to live with me.


  1. Cool! =) I really like that you can give an opinion, instead of being like me: "I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!" Lol!!! =D
    Great post Dollgirl4! =)