Monday, January 28, 2013

Matilda Monday #4

Hello! How are you all? First off, I apologize for no pictures last week. Here they are: last week's forgotten pictures.
From Left to Right: Ren, Peacock, Ce'Nedra, Fern Medusa

The two Emma's

Anyway, this week I watched a movie about a girl named Matilda, an she was horribly mistreated. However, in the end, she got a nice family and speical powers. I tired to see if her power would rub off on me, but instead, I am, still, as aways, powerless. Sigh. However, I find a small unicorn whom I have named Virgil.  He nuzzles my hand, and I am reminded of the legends of the unicorns in my home country.

I also leaned how to do a handstand. Yay!

Goodbye until next week!

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