Sunday, November 11, 2012

Younger Siblings for AG

So, lots of people want siblings for their American Girl Dolls. I do! Here are some options:

Tender Hearts Girls Dolls. This line consists of 5 dolls who look about 4-7. These dolls are Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, and Maria. This adorable line of dolls comes in their Girl Scout or Brownie uniforms, and you can purchase other outfits separately. These dolls price about 40-50 dollars.
  This is Emma, in her brownie uniform.

Gotz Dolls. This line consists of 5 dolls who look older than Tender Hearts, but younger than AG. This doll line has one boy, which really appeals to me. Kathrine and Amy could use a male sibling. Unfortunately for me, these dolls cost about 90 dollars. Looks like Kathrine and Amy won't be getting a little brother any time soon.
Götz Doll Collection

Target Mini Babies. This isn't really a line, but these adorable mini dolls fit 18" dolls just fine.  These babies are made by Circo, and all are labeled mini. What I like about these is that they are cheap, and they sell tons of outfits, and furniture. Just check out your local Target! These dolls are about 5, and the accessory sets and furniture sets are more, but I don't think they go over 15 dollars.
Circo Baby With Potty & High Chair One of the sets in the line.

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