Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Caroline has arrived! In all her Caroline-ness! Technically, she arrived yesterday, but I had loads of homework, and an after-school activity, so posting was out of the question. Here's a picture of Caroline:

 Her accessories:

Her cat, Inkpot:

Her holiday gown:

Her travel outfit and basket:

Her nightgown:

 What I think of Caroline:
In my opinion, her hair color is overdone: Julie, Kit, Kirsten, Lanie, and Kailey all are blond. Her eyes: I love her eye color, gray. I wish MAG's came with gray eyes. I'd name a blond one Annabeth (Percy Jackson). Her meet outfit: Pink isn't my color. I think it would be better if it had blue trim, or a blue waist ribbon,  perhaps. I do like the design, though. 
Her clothes: My favorite is the holiday gown. I love the belt, color, and shoes.
I also like her nightgown- simple and yet elegant.
Her accessories: Her cat is adorable. He's cuter than Licorice any day. I love his greenish-yellow eye color. Her bag in her accessories is embroidered with Caroline. It's hard to see though. What do you think of Caroline? Comment!

*All  the pictures belong to American Girl

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