Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I'm Doing This Blog

Hi. Okay. I'm starting this blog because my family gets sick of hearing about dolls, doll things, doll news, etc. After a while they start to zone out. I collect all sorts of dolls. Here is some of the stuff I collect:
Polly Pockets (unfortunately, I was born in the wrong age, so I do not have any of the Bluebird ones),

 18" dolls,

Monster High, and others.

 (Sorry if the lighting's bad.) The main thing I collect is dollhouse. My dollhouse is a Loving Family one, and I am obsessed. You, reading this, will probably hear a lot about it.
Both of the other pages have not been done yet, so if they don't show up, don't worry.  I have one 18" doll, Katherine, I'm saving for more right now. Those dolls may be Our Generation, Springfield, or American Girl. That page will explain likes, dislikes, and stuff. My Dollhouse page will have a picture of my dollhouse, and I will just name all the dolls. I have so many that name all their likes and dislikes would take me the rest of my life!
I am not a crafty person, and therefor, I won't do very many crafts. However, I will do tutorials on how to fix dolly hair. (Grandma is receiving treatment right now, in the dollhouse photo above.) See, I'm already blabbering on! I will try to post once a week, but, being a busy person, I might not have time. Bye!

*Edit- I have 2 18 inch dolls, Kathrine and Amy, but my sister had take possession of Amy and was calling her Cameron. I have her back now.

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